Tipzyy Expands TechStart Development team after visit to their office in Lima, Peru

Following his visit to TechStart’s Lima , Peru headquarters in September 2017, Frederick Lowe, Tipzyy’s CTO, has decided to expand his TechStart development team.

Tipzyy’s current TechStart development team consists of Fernando and Edwin who both live in Lima, Peru. Before Frederick came down to Lima and met Fernando, Frederick was extremely involved in the development side of Tipzyy’s software and had little time to focus on the vision and strategy side of the business. Following his visit, he was able to make a deeper connection with the team and transfer more of the development ownership over to Techstart.

Fernando and Frederick connecting in Lima, Peru, TechStart’s headquarters.

One of the many benefits of working with TechStart is the ability for clients to visit the team and work through issues, develop and plan software strategy, and connect with their software development team face-to-face. CTO of TechStart, Fran Moya says, “TechStart believes in the importance of human relationships and interactions.  We believe that the only way to build good software in remote environments is by nurturing personal relationships between all members of the team.” Tipzyy and TechStart share the same core values, as both companies believe and invest in people to create teams that can produce quality software.

Tipzyy has been a client since April 2017 and this was his first visit to the Peru office.


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