Meet the Team! The Faces Behind TechStart

TechStart is proud to work with an amazing team of data scientists, developers, and software engineers all based in Lima, Peru. Each of our team members are hired based on their specific talents and the needs of our clients on a need-to basis. Fran Moya, CEO of TechStart, says, “Unlike other outsourcing companies, TechStart does not have a bench of developers.  When you come to us with a need, we analyze what your situation is and what the profile you are looking for is and we send that profile down to our hiring team in Lima, Peru.  They will find the talent you need and you want.” As our roster of clients continues to grow, so does our team of TechStart rockstars. Meet the team below!


Andres specializes in Angular and works with the Buyers Edge team. He joined us in November of 2017 and since his start had the opportunity to work closely with and visit the Buyers Edge team in their Connecticut offices. TechStart’s nearshore approach makes it easier for clients and developers to interact both in Peru, digitally, and back in the states without too much of a financial or time burden.


Fernando specializes in PhP and systems engineering. He’s been working on software for 6 years and currently works closely with the Tipzyy team. Fernando earned a degree in systems engineering and was hired for his specification in order to assist with Tipzyy’s digital platform that makes it easy for operators to educate servers and incentivize their performance.


Carol is one of the newest members at TechStart. She specializes in PHP, Java Script, and angular. Her skillset and six years of system engineering experience made her for the perfect fit for FoodBAM. As an online ordering system for restaurant operators, FoodBAM is constantly updating their technology and Carol was a natural fit for their innovative platform and fun team.


Renato just joined the TechStart team in early 2018 and is one of our first data analysts. He works specifically with Acutely and uses his 8 years of experience to assist them in their daily and larger campaign needs. Renato has a Masters in Computer Science, machine learning, and data analytics.


Edwin is one of the newest members of our TechStart team and we are excited to have him start working with a team! Edwin joins us with four years of experience and specializes in PhP and Java Script.


Franco is one of our longest TechStart employees having joined us in June 2017. He works closely with the Buyers Edge team and specializes in Java Script and software engineering. Franco mentions he enjoys working with Buyers Edge because of their innovative software, friendly team, and organized nature.


Rodrigo has been with TechStart for over a year and half and works closely with FoodBAM With 7 years of system engineering experience he specialized in Angular, Java Script, SQL, and system engineering.


Interested in learning more about TechStart and our team? Learn more here.

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