Andres Jara visits Buyers Edge to Strategically Update Client-Facing Software – October 2017

Andres Jara, a TechStart front-end developer, visited Buyers Edge’s offices in Connecticut this past October to work on their client portal for mobile and web.

With over 10 years of experience in software development and a specialization in Angular, Jara has been part of the Buyers Edge’s team for over a year. He works with Buyers Edge on their mobile app, dashboard, and proprietary auditing software. On his most recent visit, Andres joined the Buyers Edge team as they dived into analysis and design sessions for future development of Buyers Edge’s client portal and dashboard. These new developments will help transform the client dashboard from a busy homepage to a mobile-friendly, easy to navigate page. Most importantly, the new client portal will make sure Buyers Edges’ clients can seamlessly manage their business from one place.

During his visit to Buyers Edge, Andres (pictured above) had time to go to New York City for a weekend and to go bowling with the Buyers Edge’s team.

At TechStart, human relationships and constant interaction are highly valued in every project. As an international technology company with a nearshore approach, it’s integral that the company provides clear and quick communication, exceptional service, and cutting-edge ideas to clients to help their businesses grow. “Buyers Edge has been a client of TechStart’s since our start in January 2017,” tells CTO Fran Moya, “and having Andres visit the team earlier this year was really helpful in continuing to strengthen our working relationships with them.”

Even though TechStart is based in Peru, the company makes sure clients can visit headquarters free of charge and meet their project team often. TechStart knows that high-touch personal relationships and constant digital communications eliminate room for error, make it easier to manage FAQ’s, and to quickly address client concerns as they come in. The Buyers Edge updated client portal will be released in early 2018.

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