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TechStart was formed to address the supply/demand crisis many growing companies face when searching for qualified software developers and engineers in the U.S. TechStart is an on-demand talent firm for software developers. We offer “Boutique Outsourcing”, presenting several pre-qualified software developer candidates, primarily from Lima, Peru, to employers in the US who are searching for a highly-skilled development resource. These developers, fluent in English, are set up to work remotely in our Lima offices which enjoy a U.S. friendly time-zone. In addition, candidates will come to the U.S. to work alongside established tech teams as needed.

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The Challenge

There is a shortage of software engineering talent in Western countries, which makes building a software engineering team really difficult.

The Talent

Our office in Lima has access to a large pool of talent. Therefore we are able to find technical expertise that is difficult for you to hire locally.

The Opportunity

By opting for Near Shore developers to complement your team you can access incredibly talented professionals and save money in the process.

The Relationship

We make sure that your match meets all of your technical and personal requirements. You are building a team, and we understand that you need people that you can build relationships with. Great outsourcing solution for startups.

The Cost Effective Solution

We are committed to offer the best quality/price rate available in the market. We want to give you access to the most talented people at the most convenient price.

nearshore software development

The Near Shore Approach

Offshore Outsourcing Challenges

Offshore Outsourced IT teams suffer from communication issues, lack of control over what resources get assigned to your projects, timezone difficulties, and the “yes culture” of offshore companies.

Opportunities of Near Shore Hiring

Communication is easier and more frequent with talent within the Continental US Timezone. We don’t reallocate existing resources, we hire the resources that you need and we make you part of the selection process.

Why Lima, Peru?

Peru has a stable government, a growing economy and a safe environment. Lima is the 3rd largest city in Latin America and you can get there in 7 hours from New York City.

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Outsourcing job opportunities in Jquery, PHP. MongoDB, mySQL Server, JS, Java, Python and much more!

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What our clients say

Our company was preparing for an equity investment but needed to show rapid progress in the technology side of our business.  After a year of working with a growing slate of skilled TechStart developers our propriety technology gave us the competitive edge in our industry and allowed us to partner with Private Equity to meet our long term strategic growth goals.

John Rodgers
CFO - Buyers Edge Platform

By having access to a team of talented software developers at affordable rates, we have been able to acquire other tech start-ups and partner with TechStart to scale the acquired companies quickly to get the returns we were hoping for.

Joe Corrigan
General Counsel and VP of Strategic Relations - Buyers Edge Platform

Fernando is a bona fide rock star.  In less than 2 weeks, he familiarized himself with our approach – improving code we’ve written, fearlessly tackling bugs and doing it with limited (twice-daily) check-ins. I’ve never been happier or more hopeful about Tipzyy than I am right now. We’ve got the seed kernel of a great tech team in Fernando.

Frederick Lowe
CTO - Tipzyy

TechStart delivered my CTO talented engineers within US time zone at a great rate. Was impressed with English tutors on staff and local PM’s that guided efficiency.  His team takes time to understand the restaurant industry and our chef/owner customers that are using Foodbam daily. They ask the right questions to understand the specific ticket or story in discussion. With frequent unfair deadlines they continue to step up to the plate.  We’ve seen them polish up their skills, always humble – but willing to challenge us (which we love!) Traditionally we have found outsourced engineers to be soft and too agreeable, it’s nice to see TechStart take pride in their work and ensure its stability.

Brandt Squires
VP – FoodBAM

TechStart is aligned with our long-term goal of building a tight team of top-notch engineers, some in-house and some remote.  Fran matches the right people with our project, and keeps his finger on the pulse of our ongoing operation.  We are very happy with the results.

Dan Raposo
Lead Software Engineer – Buyers Edge

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