5 Important Factors When Choosing an Outsource Developer Partner

Outsource Developer Partner

At some point during project development, your organization might need an efficient outsource development partner and you may be faced with the challenging task of selecting the appropriate team.

Whether you are looking for off-shore development or near-shore development, many of the same factors play into your decision making when looking for an outsource developer partner.

Consider the following factors before partnering with an outsource development provider.


Determining the level of expertise that your potential project partner has is important. They need to have experience with technology and the systems your IT team uses, skills to support your projects and carry out required tasks, good communication and knowledge about your business niche. Before hiring an outsourced development team, carefully research the nature of their expertise and the exact set of skills they bring to the table. Choose a partner that is confident about considering your demands and delivers finished projects on time.


You wouldn’t want to trust your project to an outsourced developer with a bad reputation. Doing research on the partner you choose is important. If previous customers left negative feedback about the company you are interested in working with than it’s probably not a good idea to work with them. With the possibility of transferring so much sensitive data, ensuring high standards are continuously maintained is vital. If a service provider is armed with the latest technology and expertise, but offers poor customer service, consider whether it will be detrimental in the long term.


Data security and privacy are major concerns in the digital world we live in. If sensitive information is not properly managed, data could be mishandled. You can never be too cautious about the security of your information and data. There is always risk involved when working with remote partners. During different stages of a project, sensitive information will be shared. You need to be confident that no breach will occur and that nothing will occur that will put your data at risk.


Outsourcing should be a profitable decision. Most outsourcing is decided on when a business is trying to increase profit margins and improve their bottom line. Never compromise on quality or reliability in favor of lower costs. A partner who provides detailed service level agreements with no hidden costs. Research multiple options and compare prices and service offerings. Determine and finalize the costs beforehand and clearly communicate your budget.


There are many areas of the world that are home to talented software developers. When making a choice on who your development partner will be you need to consider the location. Where a developer is located can impact communication as it pertains to language barriers – which can make it difficult to communicate with the outsourced team members. Try and look for an outsource partner who has a similar time zone as you. This can make for better collaboration and communication. Solutions like TechStart are located in the U.S. time-zone and have the ability to engage with your team during your normal business hours.

Finding the right outsource developer partner is key to carrying out a successful project. The relationship should be a true partnership and both parties should be on the same page. If done effectively, you should be able to integrate your new outsourced development partner with your in-house IT team and worth together to successfully finish the project. Expertise, reputation, risk and cost all need to be taken into consideration before hiring an outsourced staff.

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