TechStart: What Clients Are Saying

Have you been thinking about growing your software development team, but not sure if outsourcing is right for your business?

TechStart helps businesses access talented, near-shore developers and engineers. These pre-qualified software developers are conveniently located in a U.S.-friendly time zone and can help your business achieve your development needs.

If you’re still unsure if TechStart is right for you, hear from some of our clients! Check out 2ULaundry, a disruptive tech-based company based in Charlotte, has to say about working with TechStart.

Prior to engaging with TechStart, what resources were you using to accomplish your development goals?  What about that system wasn’t working as efficiently as you would have liked?

“We had a development team in India as well as a couple of on-site development resources and I was doing a lot of the development myself. With this setup it was almost impossible to get everyone on the same page and our results were poor. I spent all my time doing bug fixes, and tracking down issues while the dev team in India made little progress on important new items. I was getting burned out having to do the same meeting twice because of the time difference. I initially attempted to hire locally but the talent market here is subject to fierce competition and I wasn’t finding the high quality candidates I was looking for at a price our startup could afford.”

What was the onboarding process like once you began your engagement with TechStart?  Were there any initial impressions – good or bad?

“The onboarding process was fairly straightforward. I already had job posting ready to go from my search here in the U.S. so I forwarded those on to TechStart and I had candidates fairly quickly after that. My initial impressions were overall good. I was very hands on with the whole process and TechStart accommodated me every step of the way.”

What kind of relationship do you have with the TechStart team members that work on your account/projects?

“I am just as close to my developers in Lima as I would be if I had developers on site. I’ve been to Lima several times and I have been able to spend a significant amount of time with them. I interact with every one of the developers every day on standup meetings, planning meetings and more. I’ve been able to get to know all of them on a personal level and understand where they are coming from as well as how they can each best contribute to each project. This is probably the best part of my engagement with Tech-start.”

If you’re interested in learning more about TechStart and the ways we can help you access the right software development talent for your team, contact us!

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