Data Scientist Moises Diaz from TechStart Travels to Chicago to Team Up with Acutely


(Left to Right) Ashley Robinson (VP), Hudson Piehl (COO), Moises Diaz (Data Scientist) and Mat Focht (CEO) at Acutely headquarters in Chicago


During a recent trip, TechStart data Scientist Moises Diaz visited the Acutely offices in Chicago. As Acutely’s official partner for nearshore development, proving development and data science resources they discussed, a collaboration on a project that would help clients predict best locations for their expanding chains.

Acutely, based out of Chicago, is a data-science company using raw customer data from their clients to provide actionable insights into potential improvements and changes that will help their clients’ businesses continue to grow and succeed. From their website: “Acutely combines industry experience with result-focused data science to produce real-world business answers.” They have helped clients in the food and entertainment industry to find the right technologies and strategies to reach new markets and improve the flow of their clients’ businesses.

TechStart and Acutely Project Collaboration

TechStart and Acutely have teamed up to improve upon modals and programs to help their clients’ businesses grow, with Moises leading the TechStart side. One specific modal that Moises and the Acutely team are working to build upon and improve is a program that will help clients looking to expand find optimal new locations, based on several predicted factors. “If you are business that wants to open a new venue, and you don’t have any information about how many people will go to your venue, or how much money you will make there, the modal uses geographic and psychographic information to predict those numbers,” says Moises Diaz, TechStart data scientist working on the project.  This and other technologies that Moises and Acutely are working on will help restaurants and other businesses continue to grow.

During his time in Chicago, Moises realized that Acutely was processing all of their data for a client on local servers. This process would usually take 2-3 days, but Moises and the team came up with a clever idea. “I came up with the idea of migrating this infrastructure to the cloud,” Moises tells us.  This migration aallowed them to cut computing time from 2-3 days to only a few hours.

For Moises, the trip wasn’t all work. His trip to Acutely in Chicago was his first time in the United States. He enjoyed checking out the Chicago River, and was very impressed with Chicago’s public transportation system. He even got a chance to head to historic Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs beat the Rockies!


Moises (right) with TechStart President Fran Moya at Wrigley Field


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