Benefits of Partnering with TechStart for Your IT Recruiting

IT recruiting

Stop scrolling and stop searching!

Let us help you navigate the labor shortage now!

This is how.

We Take Care of All the Hiring and Prepping

We Find Highly Qualified Candidates within Weeks

No Money Upfront!

It’s tough finding the right software engineering talent to build the best IT teams.

No more wasting your time and energy looking thru resumes and placing ads for new hires.  Let us step in and do the work for you at no charge!

We are a near shore developers paradise, ready to compliment your team, bringing their technical expertise and hard work to help you meet your business goals and carry out your tech dreams.

At TechStart, we’re not just another recruiting agency. We are dedicated industry professionals working hard to find you the right developers, engineers, and any other IT professionals to fit your companies unique project needs. We are super easy going. At TechStart, all that matters is that we find you the best fit for your company!

A little bit more about us…

TechStart was formed to address the supply and demand crisis many growing companies face when searching for qualified software developers and engineers in the U.S.

We want our candidates to work for you as long as possible.

Here are three reasons why you should partner with TechStart for your hiring needs:

No Money Upfront

These days, you can’t risk hiring a recruiting agency at a high cost without the guarantee of finding qualified candidates. We are committed to offering the best quality service at the best price. We want to give you access to the most talented people at the most convenient cost. We work for free until we find you the perfect candidate and you hire them.

We Take Care of All the Hiring and Prepping

We search through an extensive pool of candidates and do all the hard work of filtering and interviewing them, making sure that you don’t waste your time with non-qualified candidates. We make sure that every candidate meets all of your technical and personal requirements. Once you decide to work with one of TechStart’s recruits, we hire them for you and even provide them with office space, equipment, and everything they might need. From there, you take over the partnership and start working with them directly. You are building a team, and we understand that you need people that you can build relationships with. Even better, if any concerns arise, TechStart experts are available to help even after your project starts.

Highly Qualified Candidates

Our office in Lima has access to a large pool of talent. Therefore, we are able to find technical expertise that is difficult for you to hire locally. TechStart is an on-demand talent firm for software developers. We select pre-qualified software developer candidates, primarily from Lima, Peru, to employers in the U.S. who are searching for highly skilled development resources. These developers are fluent in English and are set up to work remotely in our Lima offices – which have the perk of a U.S. friendly time-zone!

IT recruiting

Finding the right developer partner is key to carrying out a successful project. We build relationships that become true partnerships.

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