Francisco Moya – Buyers Edge Platform

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Twenty years ago, independent restaurants that sourced their goods from large distributors (think Sysco and US Foods) didn’t have much clout when it came to cost savings. As prices for products fluctuated, restaurants had two choices: find savings elsewhere, or use a different vendor altogether. John Davie had a better idea. Bringing together several restaurants […]


Data Scientist Moises Diaz from TechStart Travels to Chicago to Team Up with Acutely

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(Left to Right) Ashley Robinson (VP), Hudson Piehl (COO), Moises Diaz (Data Scientist) and Mat Focht (CEO) at Acutely headquarters in Chicago   During a recent trip, TechStart data Scientist Moises Diaz visited the Acutely offices in Chicago. As Acutely’s official partner for nearshore development, proving development and data science resources they discussed, a collaboration on […]